Thursday, January 31, 2013


Design Inspiration that Flows

It feels really good to be surrounded on all sides by music, feeling it pump through you like an electric pulse! This design would be the perfect complement to a carefree night of dancing with friends under the stars or boogying down alone in front of a mirror using the build-in headphones.

This illustration was inspired by my love for music and science together. Sound waves are pretty amazing in the way they move ever forward, undulating up and down outwardly from their source. I love the way scientific textbooks illustrate natural phenomenon, because, of course, my artistic mind wants to SEE everything, even things that can’t be seen by the naked eye without special tools. Scientific subject matters are a fun challenge to many artists as they dive into the shapes of nature and physics and apply to them their own styles and techniques.

Like many pieces of art, it can sometimes take the simplest concept to inspire a whole thought process to be expressed on a canvas. I dove into studying sound waveforms and went to town drawing many concepts.

Music is one of my favorite art forms, and it was really fun to translate that into a graphic.  With so many ways to illustrate a wave, by the time I had gotten down to the bottom for the page, I knew I wanted to use a jagged calligraphic style to write “deviantART.” In manipulating the colors of the drawing, I got to see color schemes develop that I wouldn't have been able to visualize on white paper. 

After transferring my sketches of the waves to the digital realm, I started adding more fuzzy, chattering, dramatic marks. This was a bit too much visually, and the multitude of colors made the music seem really loud. I added “deviantART” in this phase, and its clean lines were a nice juxtaposition to the contrasting visual.

The letters were really interesting to me, so I pushed the sharpness of the waves and laid them over a halftone pattern to accentuate their bold line. The rounded ends were really pleasing to the eye and made the halftone dots visually correlate with the underlying pattern. These colors were really exciting and vibrant, but they didn’t end up being the final palette. 


The final graphic was pulled back to a clean set of overlapping sound waves – one of which was very crisp, while the other looked much more organic. 

Holding true to the original concept, I was really interested in the idea of waves literally moving through the design and around the wearer as they listened to the sounds emanating from the drawstring’s earbuds. To help manifest that visually, the decision was made to add a design to both sides, effectively wrapping the garment in sound. 

Thrilled with the looks of the final digital mockup, we sent the piece off to the printer. 

The models were quick to put on the piece on our brisk day of shooting, and they were so comfortable, they were the first to see that it’s truly the perfect Hoodie to take with you anywhere you might need to snuggle up or listen to some tunes of your own.

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