Thursday, January 31, 2013

Raining Ideas

Create Your Own Storm

It’s so exciting when you’re in Creative Mode, and the ideas are just flowing out of you. It’s almost electric how one idea can spark the next and the next, and you’re creating as fast as your body can keep up. Don't hold it back! I created this shirt to shout from the clouds that it’s okay to let the ideas well up and storm onto your media! Share your ideas with your team, and let your collaborations really fill your mind and canvas with a deluge of output.

This illustration started with the intention of making a cute cloud into an energetic storm. I wanted the cloud to have the contour of a brain so the importance of the mind in the brainstorming process would be prevalent at first glance. The preliminary sketchbook drawings in ballpoint pen were a mix of adorable thunderheads and raining brains. Experimenting with the placement of the eyes and the shape of the cloud was fun. It was harder than I expected to get the sizes right and actually make the brain cute.

The lightning started off looking almost like earrings for the character, which was interesting, but I wanted the bolts to read as more energetic – the kind of electrified jolt that chatters your teeth! The brain went a few rounds as well, and I studied up on the anatomical structure of brains to make sure the simple shape would translate to the viewer. The shape of the brain and the forming cloud really accentuated each other and gave the visual effect of a cloud moving forward in space.

Seeing this natural movement, I pushed it even further by making the pattern of the rain push diagonally backwards as the storm rapidly approached. It was a conscious choice to misalign the outline and the inner texture of both brain and cloud, so the layering would create some tension between the colors and line work. Along the way, I toyed with the idea of having some text printed on the shirt, but I decided the graphic spoke for itself. And they say to keep it simple, so I pushed on and tried to figure out the final eye placement.

This proved to be difficult. In the original permutation, I considered putting the pair of cute eyes in the middle of the cloud’s “face,” but it looked too high up, especially with respect to the brain. After dropping them down, my new artistic hurdle was to the make the eyes interact with the action without being too big and pulling too much focus. There needed to be another element to make the graphic come together.

Since it was a studious brain, I stumbled across the idea of adding some big reading glasses, and it really worked! The momentum was successful, and the concept really worked as a serious thinker.

The lightning fell right into place after the glasses were figured out, adding visual balance to the piece. My original intention of the cute storm was met, and I was really happy with the outcome.

I dubbed the cute, little brainstorm to be called Raining Ideas and printed it on a beautiful sapphire T-Shirt. The models immediately took to the inspirational design, and it looks great on everyone who wears it.

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Whenever you’re in a creative drought, the only solution is to stand underneath the perfect storm of Raining Ideas!