Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nerdy Bird

Exploring Vantage Points

Creativity can be associated with the nature of birds -- very capricious, observant, exploratory, and able to fly free and far in every direction. Imagine that you’ve gathered your tools and your focus is sharp. From a bird’s-eye view, you are ready to jump into your project knowing you have what you will need to succeed.

This concept has really intrigued me for a while, and I have drawn a few iterations. At first, I was inspired to make a coy bird with a nest that was formed with letters. The interlocking shapes of "Wildstyle" letters (an intricate form of graffiti) often reminds me of weaving or nest building. I began building this piece by stacking different drawings and a photo of a neighborhood power plant with a limited palette.

This bird was a bit too simple, so I pushed the complexity and the narrative of the character by adding fun words into the composition.

It’s fun to write into a drawing. It can often add feelings and meaning to the visual story that are not being portrayed by the line work alone. And, sometimes, like in this case, it’s just silly.

More little bird brains. This was more the feeling I was going for in anatomy, but it was still too disconnected. Even with the cartoonish face he is too serious. More drawings followed.

Making the nest in script lettering was on my mind, where the bars and accents of the letters really did interweave to make a nest of meaning. 

This work, written with a delicate brush pen, was fitting for "Animal Style,” so I used this phrase to explore the concept. It does resemble a nest of letters that could hold a bird’s little body, even though there isn't much depth portrayed in the solid black monochromatic lines.

This piece really struck a chord with my creativity. I really went to town drawing in the composition with illustrator blue first before going in with tight line work. The letters were still giving me grief, so I searched around for other inspiration.

I took some photos of a scruffy-looking urban flying rat and a plane making a landing at the local airport. Look for inspiration everywhere.

It’s really helpful to make models of the actual things you’re drawing so you can really see how the light hits them and how they look in context.

Yo, duck! Smile!

Getting these photos is just what I needed to inspire me to draw this next iteration for an interview about the drawing tool called muro Redraw.

We fell in love with this piece, and after some hours rebuilding, using a minimal amount of color for silkscreening on clothing, it was finished. Super fun and nerdy!

This is the info that accompanies a piece when I send it to be printed.

We sent it off, and a while later we received the finished garment. It looks even better in context. The model seems to like it as well, as he looks through a stack of fun drawings. 

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the flight!

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