Thursday, January 31, 2013

Movie Time

Reels of the Dramatic

To wear this shirt is to cast yourself as the main character in the film of your life, with the dynamic and brightly colored images that make our days as beautifully composed as any award-winning movie. Art is a projection of your creative vision, so project it proudly!

Art exists across many media, from the very static to the super dynamic. Moving-picture media is a great subject matter, and it is the inspiration for this graphic illustration.

This design began on tracing paper with a sharpie marker as fast and furious lines over a pencil drawing. Knowing that this would be a shirt graphic and wanting to mix up the styles on the collection, I was happy with the drawing but wanted to move a different direction. In searching through images of movie-making and projecting systems, old-school projector technology caught my eye as a relic of times past. It’s all about following the inspiration, and the imagery of this machine that existed as a building block for the film technology we can appreciate today. I found an old projector and shot some really crisp photos of it. It still worked, and the bright projector bulb inspired the colorful final result I wanted to recreate with this shirt design.

Building from the stock photos I had taken, I drew my own reels and film to fit the graphic quality of the piece. It was turning into an exciting concept, but it lacked the action of light.

Experimenting with some dramatic colors and adding some bright arrows blasting out of the lens, I finally felt the piece was complete.

We decided to go with two colorways on this piece, and I am happy for this decision because we get to have two completely different styles, so there’s something for everyone. In my opinion, the orange is super energetic while the grey is much more sophisticated.

Another super-fun adventure! Which design matches your style?

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