Thursday, January 31, 2013

Inside Voices

Bold and Colorful Characters

Words are full of meaning, and the characters themselves are fun to think of as individual characters (literally!) in a dialog that speaks the words. I envisioned this shirt as being worn by someone with an eclectic team of friends, working with them on a common collaboration. It’s always exciting to work together, and doing so never fails to bring out the best qualities in everyone in the group. I can’t recommend it enough. Band together with your fellow artists, and make big things happen.

This piece started out as a thought scrawled on a sketchbook page. It sat for some time, and when searching my sketchbook for unfinished ideas, I happened to stumble across it right at the perfect time. This piece had the fun challenge of making characters out of the physical characteristics of the letters themselves.

The "d" is a perfect girl with a feather in her hair. 

The "e" is a funny, little monster with a gaping mouth.

The "v" forms the pointy nose of a rat or mouse.

The "i" is a pedestal on which a little bird can perch proudly and peer outward.

An antagonizing "a" forms a cat who watches intently. 

The "n" is a yawning creature with bad teeth. 

The "t" is a drunken fellow blurting out his opinion.

After deciding what forms the letters would take, I wanted to figure out a way to encapsulate the whole word and bring them together.  

I went some rounds with shapes of all sizes -- from super-tight rectangle forms to ovals -- and ended up being really happy with an opaque, rectangular shape that I made with an ink brayer. 

The tool made just enough chatter texture – deliberately imperfect grooves and scores -- and had such an interesting contour that it was the perfect mass to encapsulate the creatures into one family. "ART" holds down the end in a nice geometric explanation. Yellow and purple are very beautiful together, making it a striking color scheme for this bold piece.

It was a bold simple choice to rock just one color, but I believed the liveliness of the piece lives within its characters and springs to life from the design just fine. Here is how we sent it off.

We received the shirts from the printer and the model promptly got comfortable in the garment.

This piece and others in the collection are now available in the deviantART T-Shirts & Gear Shop. Click here to see them all. 

I really hope you enjoy this piece. Which character are you?