Sunday, April 17, 2011

Unicorn Collaboration with Wood Sculpture Ben Lewry

This week I got to do the impossible.

Finished Unicorn Hula-hoop Holder. 
 The impossible is hiring a unicorn trainer to bring his prized white stallion unicorn to my warehouse to be the subject matter for this commission.  I have grown up with horses but being around one that has a sword coming from its forehead is amazing.

Anyways, this piece is a collaboration with Ben. His concept, my illustrious style. Unicorns have never been my favorite subject matter but I will always rise to a challenge of drawing something new, with unique quality and style.

Unicorn on the drawing board. 
It started in the sketchbook and went straight to the primed surface. The primary drawings were much more animated but having the beast in the dog park posing, changed my mind on the style. I decided to make it more realistic and regal, true to form.

The neighborhood clowns helped me with this photo.