Friday, March 4, 2011

Practice makes perfect, maybe not pretty.

The process of practice. For every substantial developed piece of art their are countless numbers of pages of practice. Maybe not drawing the future idea directly but drawing any idea. The more I draw the more my mind can translate any vision through my mark onto the surface. Like doing hundreds of push-ups, It makes your body subtly stronger every time you do them. And the next time you can do a few more than the last.

Practice Squared ©Forest Stearns

I believe that the more miles your pen writes the better you get. It is a blast to draw really fast. This sheet of drawings is scanned from 4 spreads of my sketch book. The goal is to draw a face with some sort of gesture in 5 - 10 seconds. Draw with out thinking details, just balance the marks on each other as they spill from your mind and explode through the drawing device. Awesome!