Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Making faces in art! It seems to be a theme in my work!

There is a thread of characters in my illustrations that are always popping up. I was taking photos of a collection of work and these close ups were very interesting to me.

Skull face character.©Forest Stearns
Organic Garlic Man©Forest Stearns
Organic Potato Eyes ©Forest Stearns
Organic Cauliflower Girl ©Forest Stearns
Smiling Bandit©Forest Stearns
Multi-eyed Wilde beast. ©Forest Stearns
Dead Face ©Forest Stearns
Mecha eyes ©Forest Stearns
Bird Hat Cute Eyes ©Forest Stearns
Happy Fangs ©Forest Stearns
Grimy Beard ©Forest Stearns
Unicorn Flat Head ©Forest Stearns
Organic Ginger Boy ©Forest Stearns
Zombie Masher ©Forest Stearns
Zombie Barista ©Forest Stearns
Arrow Eyes Ninja ©Forest Stearns
Green Vamp ©Forest Stearns