Friday, March 25, 2011

Drawing with the Ceramicist Joe Kowalczyk

Yesterday I was honored by the invitation to go and draw in the studio of Joe Kowalczyk We spent the afternoon painting and drawing a good 2 dozen pieces talking about inspirational methods and media and planning for an upcoming collaboration show. I was drawing with my Live Art tool set that consists of a powerful and straightforward arsenal of 1 inch markers and china crayons of Yellow, Red, Black, and White. Strapped with a pad of tan paper and my trusty pocket knife to cut out the sheets as soon as they were finished. A technique that I had founded the evening before drawing at a local drink and draw. We finished page killer after page killer, surgically removing them from the binding of the book and displaying them across the floor. A great session of dialog and practice!
9 paintings of characters  I rocked in my tan papered sketchbook.©Forest Stearns
Forest and Joe's character illustration line up©Forest Stearns

Forest rocking marker paintings on tan pages ©Forest Stearns

Upon first metting this artist I could see straight off that he was an interesting lad with interesting art, the walls of his gallery/work area were loaded with rich sculpted characters. He is wonderfully humble and full of smiles. We originally meet at Oakland's Art Murmur when my comrade Erin Wapple and I found his FM Gallery where he is Co-curator, co director, and technician for the space. We thanked him for the inspiration and talked about a collaboration of some sort. He puts in hours and does great sculpture. Here are some of his ceramic pieces.
© Joe Kowalczyk These are me works. Visit my website

© Joe Kowalczyk In the Mind and Through the Hand
© Joe Kowalczyk

© Joe Kowalczyk, "Collective Soul"
23in (width) x 33in (height) x 13in (depth)
ceramic and metal

© Joe Kowalczyk, "In the Mind and Through the Hand"
18in x 26in
ceramic and hung on the wall

© Joe Kowalczyk, "Beside the Mask I Make"
15in x 24in
ceramic, metal, and fiber hung on the wall