Sunday, March 6, 2011

Clothing graphics for Fat Bol in Humboldt

"Establish a Hold" Script and tree graphic illustration for Fat Bol Clothing ©Forest Stearns
 This month I was asked to do a series of illustrations for Fat Bol Clothing company.  The above piece of the tree is the first of the pieces that I have finished and it is a good start to a run. Fat Bol is out of Humboldt Co, a dedicated team of folks super dedicated to music and artistic expression. I have done work with them in the past years and it is a pleasure to start back in on a new line. 

Below are remixed illustrations I have executed in the past for their collection.

"Good Mart Penguins 68/47" graphic illustration for Fat Bol Clothing ©Forest Stearns
 The penguins piece is based on an idea I had while painting live at Muddy waters in Arcata, of penguins with horns. This may be everyday to you but I thought of these stoic creatures wanting a bit of adornment. Natural style though, with antlers like deer reaching high. They are sporting the penguin jerseys with Sixty Eight and Forty Seven, lucky numbers in my book. Penguins always are chillin, always, so I envisioned a boom box with funky breaks. These elegant birds are posted above the gates of Los Angeles. The highway is action packed with decorative windows like stain glass pieces showing its fragile nature. All earth quack prone and giant mega birds headed for the beach. LA is a trip, watch out.

"Musical Shiva" graphic illustration for Fat Bol Clothing ©Forest Stearns

The Shiva piece is inspired by multi-phonic sounds of good acid jazz bands like Cinematic Orchestra. Contemporary sounds filled with both traditional instrumentation and electronic warbling. This strong female figure holds her space inside a temple of sound. No question who is in control of the symphonic undulation.

"Abstract Rude" graphic illustration for Fat Bol Clothing ©Forest Stearns
Abstract Rude is quite a talented MC and I have been a fan of his work for a long time. For a tour of his I created this illustration of his portrait and my hand styles mashed with some organic elements. Thanks to the humanitarian efforts of Chris and Swizlo at Fat Bol it was distributed to the Haiti Relief effort.