Wednesday, March 2, 2011

B/W Happy and Stoic forearm tattoo design.

Finished design for Buddha on "Let Go" Lotus, Line work and Shading. ©Forest Stearns
 It seems that this is the month for tattoo illustration. Here is one I am finishing today.  A seated Buddha on a Lotus shaped word. The joyful client is getting this piece on this forearm upward facing his hand. He asked me to design it a while ago saying, "Just draw me up something, and I will get it tattooed on my arm." He has a body of great tats already and was hyped on my work. I told him that I didn't feel comfortable drawing something quick and dirty for him and it would take some time in design to make sure it came out beautiful. So I went to work on what was just going to be some wild-style letters, after some re-designs making them flow with organic swoosh arrows (technical art term) He liked them. At first it was just going to be the letters, but after I developed the pseudo symmetry with the T over the top, he said he wanted a seated Buddha  to fit in the con-caved space. I drew up one that I was automatically happy with but the head was vexing me. He wanted a happy feeling and I drew out a good 10 faces. The original one is the one he liked the most and that image was redrawn tightly then shaded for a final. He is coming out to the west coast for a week and hopefully while he is here we can see him get the work done.  I love this job!

Sketch phase of wild-style lettering evolution and then the seated Buddha with many heads. ©Forest Stearns