Monday, March 14, 2011

Album Cover Illustration for Silas Dyken

SIZZLE P Album Cover ©Forest Stearns
This afternoon I finished an album cover for a Tuolumne County MC Silas Dyken, He goes by the name SIZZLE P.   This was an interesting challenge to completely color the piece digitally.  My goal in the piece was to create very saturated graff piece that stands as the foundation for the figures and a reaching tree. Elements of city in the background with an unnatural hue makes the scene surreal.  The tree is growing from a stack of speakers showing the power of nature growing on the metaphorical energy of music. The figures are engaging the viewer in a confident stance. They stand, glowing slightly, adding visual tension to the erupting canopy.
SIZZLE P Album Cover Composition Sketch ©Forest Stearns
My mother who is an artist in my hometown was out at the market and struck up a conversation with Silas randomly and it quickly turned to the topic of art. He took her card and was very impressed by the image. He told her that he needed some album art and she kindly pointed him in my direction knowing I love some Hip Hop and am versed in graffiti style work. I came up to Sonora not long after and meet Silas and we met over dinner. I had him answer a set of questions about his intention for the illustration and I went to work on a sketch for the composition based on his idea.
SIZZLE P Basic value study sketch. ©Forest Stearns
The next step was a value study. Mashed up some different drawings to make an interesting composition and plugged in the values to get your eye looking at the focal point.
SIZZLE P Basic color study sketch. ©Forest Stearns
It is fun to digitally stack color over a value sketch. Like the old masters of oil painting, if you have the values right, it only takes some glazing of the colors to make the piece perform. From here I added the value sketch information and the color information to develop the final piece at the top.  A fun piece in the end, I love this job!