Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ozzie the Otter book spread

 Ozzie the Otter, or more properly "The Wonderful Adventures of Ozzie the Sea Otter,' has been out for a while now and I want to celebrate it by showing you a few of it's spreads. This first piece is the front cover wrap, the left side being the back of the book and the right being the main cover illustration. The lettering is all hand written for the title. Finished in traditional media of watercolor and color pencils, then cleaned and dialed digitally this book cover was quite a undertaking. The publisher went rounds with the format size and I had to go rounds with the composition. It turned out nicely.
 The meeting of the Young Sea Otter and Oscar the Octopus in a tide pool is the start of a dramatic set of pages.In this spread I was really challenged by this piece to create motion and transparency in the water while giving Oscar a solid stance in approaching the Otter. Watercolor, color pencil and a bit of digital fade does the trick.
The book is set up in 3 chapters and illustrates the young Ozzie's adventures from Monterey Bay all the way to Anchorage AK. This spread shows the map on the right in homage of old school sailor charts. On the left are whales moving past a small character of the fishing boat 'Osprey' that I worked on in AK years ago. Throughout this book, I was able to have references to my own friends and adventure to Alaska. Adding peoples names and faces to characters who were and are part of my life. This book was a blast for that.