Wednesday, February 23, 2011

'Animals of California' Children's book page examples

This is a set of illustrations from a book I have recently finished writing and illustrating. The theme is the animals of my native state California. With creative writing help from the beloved April Joseph, (who was just accepted to Naropa Institute!!!) I created a book with informational rhymes for each critter. Spanning from the Pacific Ocean and crossing all 5 major geographic regions of California, the reader will have an artistic adventure. It was a great challenge to capture each of the 24 animals in a fitting gesture. They are all consistent in style some fit to hug like Kira River Otter and others might make you want to steer clear like Jay Porcupine.
This is the book on a display shelf with the original paintings surrounding. It was a good 24 feet wide in its open accordion format by 8" tall on the shelf. Hand lettered on the front and insides with my signature font styles.