Sunday, March 15, 2009

Showing art in Sonora Ca, My home town.

The Dali Lama and Forest Stearns

The fine little of city, and more specifically The Frog and the Fiddle Pub Gallery gave me the honor of showing my work this month. The artist Gary Burgin was the catalyst of the show, sponsoring the event, bringing up some great djs from the Bay Area, and making the event work out. It was a great opportunity to share my artwork with my home town community. Thanks to all of you who came out and purchased artworks, danced your butts off, and showed love!
The djs Lurv, Forrest Stanley, Nisus, and Forest Stearns rocking beats
If you look at the painting in the background, we really resemble the piece. Lurv- Forrest Stanley- Nisus- and Forest Stearns rocking beats. Notice Nisus’ hat. A piece a did for him a while back. I love getting down with some good beats, big ups to these amazing djs for coming out and shaking the room!
The show was a total success on all fronts. I was able to enjoy my community of hometown friends and some of my city friends while being surrounded by my art on every surface. A lot of pieces were sold to folks who had always known my art but this was the first time they had been in front of it live. A true joy to sell my work to my peers and friends who I know will love it, and I might even get to see it in their homes in a new light.
Forest and Gary E2′n it up
Again my friend Zac Calbert come through with a great post

There isn’t much to do out here in the foothills, but there is a small group of people looking to change that. Last night those brave enough to expose themselves to new music, images and ideas headed to the Frog & Fiddle in downtown Sonora. The Frog & Fiddle has become the new hot spot for interesting night life in Tuolumne County. The outstanding art of Forest Stearns provided visual entertainment for the evenings festivities. I met Forest through the Returning Show last summer. He is a great guy, terrific artist and an eager contributor to the new arts culture of Tuolumne County. Soon enough I will have collaborations and interviews with Forest to post for now if you missed out on the fantastic Art Show last night here are some images:

{Forest Stearns and Duane}

The art of Forest Stearns is always impressive and inspiring.


The DJs were doing their thing.



A great time was had by all.