Friday, February 20, 2009

Drawing with Sam Flores and Noah Ptolemy at 111 Minna

 Noah Ptolemy, Forest Stearns, and Sam Flores rocking drawings at 111 Minna Feb 19 2009
I had the fun opportunity to get down and draw at 111 Minna with my friends.  Dr.  Sketchy sketch sessions collaborated with Minna to have a Tuesday art jam. It was really well put together. In the front of the room expanding rings of serious sketchers and onlookers surrounding a beautiful burlesque model. She took great pinup poses and the artist responded with some nice works. Behind them was a long table with place holder for invited artist to rock pieces and pin them to the wall. My friend Noah Ptolemy, who had originally informed me of the event had a seat and was busting awesome drawings and people were diggin his works, Sam Flores was 2 seats over and his work never fails to be a highlight. At first I was drawing the model in my blackbook, chatting with folks and meeting some great people. Then the opportunity arose, the spot in between Sam and Noah was empty, the designated artist had picked up and left, so I procured his spot busted out the paper and started my own line of pieces. It was great to chat is up with Flores, I have always enjoyed his works and been inspired by his work ethic. Noah is another rocker, he gets down with a powerful style. It was a fun night, we all did some great pieces. Another artist Erin Wapple was in the house and Sam and I did a double page killer in.
Erin and Tom holding double page killer by Sam Flores and Forest Stearns