Sunday, November 4, 2007

Doing Live at at the San Francisco Adidas Concept Store with Nisus

100% Sfae and Non-Offensive @ the Adidas Concept Store SF
Saturday I was asked to go out and do live art @ the Adidas Concept Store SHOE BIZ on Haight in San Francisco. My good old friend Dustin Delany, better known as NISUS THE MOVEMENT, DJs there quite often, bringing the sound rukus to all. We all know that great music goes hand in hand with good art SO, he had me along to bring some fresh visuals to an already styling store. The sneaker world is pretty huge, so a concept store is on the exciting cutting edge of style. I was very inspired being there with Nisus, and I would love to do some pieces on sneakers in the future.
Forest and Nisus, The Bike Rider Press @ Adidas Concept Store SF
The piece I worked on is a revisit on a piece that has a history of controversy. “100% Safe and Non-Offensive” is the title. The set was just long enough to get some good black and white changes made, the rest I will attack in the studio to finish with more elements. The finished piece will be posted. Carey Peterson of Four Letters came through and hooked me up with a new American Apparel hoodie fresh off the press. The image on the back is a piece I painted of clustering animals around the Four Letters logo. Lurking in new Four Letters HoodieIt is always good to see friends in the city.